Year 4 Trip to the Tate: Recount by Al-Nasr

On Thursday 11th July, year 4 went to Tate Modern. We took the number 15 bus to St Paul’s. We left at 9:15am to go to the bus stop called Limehouse Town Hall. Tate Modern is near St. Paul’s Cathedral. You just need to cross the Millennium Bridge. We went there because it was based on our topic: Pictures, Paintings and Photos.

When we got there, we had a little break and had a drink. I didn’t have a drink because I was fasting. Firstly, my group looked at our maps. We had to write where we were and where we were going. Then we went into a huge room full of paintings. I saw the Weeping Woman. It was by Pablo Picasso, he used lots of different shapes in it which is called cubism. He does happy pictures with bright colours and sad pictures with the colour blue. Then we looked at some sculptors. Some of them were of naked people and 1 had writing on it. I thought it was fascinating. After that, we went outside to have our lunch. When we finished we had a little play around. We played Bulldog and it was very good. I was fasting so I didn’t have any lunch! I was so, so thirsty, I was dying for water. Next we went in and looked at more of the paintings. My group looked at a video of a girl with letters in a bag and she threw it all around. The words were near the visualiser and you weren’t allowed to touch it. I think she was throwing it to show freedom. After we went to the toilet on the fourth floor. We met Miss Chui’s group over there. The last thing my group did was that we went on the balcony. You can see most parts of London over there. We saw a man sitting on an invisible chair. Finally we had to go. Just before we left, we met Imad’s dad.

My favourite part was the Weeping Woman. You can see the brush marks on the painting. I liked looking at Picasso’s paintings. I would love to go again because I didn’t get to see the chocolate piano. I learnt that some paintings can be of nude people.

By Al-Nasr