Enterprise Week: Year 4 Car and Bike Wash

Year 4 held a car and bike wash today to raise money for GROWTH as part of their Enterprise Week project.

Here is a recount of the day by Aryan;

On Thursday 19th September some Year 4 children went to the hardware store because year four were going to have a car wash. I was really excited because I’ve never done a car wash before.

When the other kid’s got back we all went outside and decided how much all the thing we were washing would cost. After we finished, Miss put a table outside and told two people to stand outside to see if any children would like to have their bike or scooter washed. To be honest, quite a lot of kids wanted their bike washed.

After that we all went into class and Selena and Reuben went around the whole school asking teachers if their car would like to be washed. Finally we got enough teacher’s to sign up.

In the afternoon we had our car wash, I was washing the black BMW. I got soaking wet. Even though I got wet I had a brilliant time doing the car wash. The car wash took 1 and a half hours.

At 3:00 the teachers came to look at their cars. Some teachers were happier than others, we definitely had mixed reviews.

The next day we totaled up how much we had raised. We also worked out how much profit we had made. We made £19.25 and all the money went to the homeless shelter.”