The Big Write


Following our commitment to raise standards in writing, we are very excited to be introducing a new initiative called ‘Big Writing.’

In addition to our daily Literacy lessons, we will hold a 1 ½ hour session dedicated purely to writing (1 hour in Key Stage 1). This session will take place every Friday morning throughout the whole school. During these sessions children will develop 4 main aspects of their writing; vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation. These are the four main elements of writing which children can learn and develop their skills in, to become more confident and competent writers.

The sessions will include time for children to plan their writing. We will also be aiming to start ‘talk homework’ the night before the Big Write so they can begin to prepare ideas for their writing before they plan. Once the children are ready to write, the writing session will be a special time with different pencils and paper to use. Children will write independently following

the ideas they have planned. The subject they are given to write will vary and include a selection of different writing genres. It may relate to the topic work being covered in class. The children’s writing will be marked and leveled regularly, with clear steps for improvement identified and discussed..

In reception class, and where appropriate those in Year one, the children will take part in activities for a session based on talking, ‘The Big Talk.’ Before children develop their writing skills they need to practice their language skills through talking. The class teachers will choose a topic for the children to talk about and let you know so that they can talk to you about it at home too.

We are really looking forward to seeing the children enjoy ‘Big Write’ sessions and how the focus on key skills will improve the content of their writing.