The Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

As part of the school’s ICT curriculum, we wish to offer our pupils the opportunity to use the Internet for some class, group or independent projects and research work.

We are fortunate enough to have fantastic ICT facilities here at Stepney Greencoat School, with a mixture of Windows and Apple Mac machines.

As part of the website we post blogs and key information regularly. We include photographs and work by the children.

Keeping our children safe is very important to us so every safeguarding measure we can take with the website will be done. A child’s full name will not feature on our website and we will endeavour to make sure that children are not individually identifiable to outside parties.

We operate on an ‘opt out’ system. We will assume that you give permission for your child to appear on the website unless you inform us otherwise. If this is the case please come in to the school office and speak to someone.


Our school also hosts a Twitter account for parents and carers to receive updates and reminders for trips, assemblies etc. You can follows us on:




These web links offer advice, information, games and activities to help keep your children safe online.