We are so blessed to have such a diverse and enthusiastic staff.
This year our staff are;

Mrs Onwubalili

Deputy Headteacher:
Ms Browne

Class Teacher: Miss Matthias – Nursery Nurse: Mrs Chowdhury – Teaching Assistant: Mrs Neil

Year 1
Class Teacher: Miss Chui – Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bennett & Mrs Begum

Year 2
Class Teacher: Ms Omosevwerha – Teaching Assistant: Mrs Parker & Mrs Hoque

Year 3
Class Teacher: Ms Ali – Teaching Assistant: Ms Walker

Year 4
Class Teacher: Ms Horne – Teaching Assistant: Miss Jessica

Year 5
Class Teacher: Mr Shannon – Teaching Assistant: Mrs D

Year 6
Class Teacher: Mr Jakobsson – Teaching Assistant: Mrs Fulman

Support Staff
Ms McCarthy
Mrs Collins

Music Teacher
Mr Ticher

PE Coach
Ms Vickers

Intervention Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Page
Mrs Crowe
Mrs Craze

Inclusion Manager & SENCO:
Mrs Veysey

Reading Recovery and Parent Support:
Ms Shorter

Learning Mentor:
Ms Marfo

Admin Staff:
Mrs Boyle
Mr Woolridge

Premises Manager:
Mr John Seeney

Meal Supevisors:
Mrs Murrock
Mrs Bartholomew 
plus additional TA’s