Year 3 Cinema Morning


This term the children in Year 3 are learning about the rainforest and what better film to watch than of Rio 2. On Friday 25th April 2014 we made the short walk down to Cineworld Cinema to see the very wonderful and colourful animation of the Amazon Rainforest. This film has a couple of really good messages. One is that it teaches us to always put family first. If Blu (one of the main characters) does not learn this he will end up alone. Another one is to believe in yourself. Blu has to prove to himself that he is important no matter what anyone else tells him.

When we got back to school everybody had a lot say concerning the film. Here are some of their responses.

What was your favourite part of the film?

“If would have to be when the people crashed into the rain forest and the cool looking parrots were going crazy. Then the macaw bird broke the machines the bad people were using to destroy the rain forest.”

Abid Year 3

How did the film help your understanding of the rain forest?

“It made me realise what species to expect in the rainforest and how colourful nature looks. I knew there were streams there but I never knew waterfalls were there too”.

Harriot Year 3

What did you expect to see in the film?

“When I watched Rio 1 there were only 2 birds in the film but this time in Rio 1 there were thousands of them”!

Lennie Year 3

 If the director was to make Rio 3 what do you think will be different?

“Blu and Jewel’s children will be all grown up. If the director takes too long to make Rio 3 Jewel’s dad won’t be there. He would have died because he was already old in Rio 2”.

Abid, Harriet & Lennie