About Us

Here at Stepney Greencoat School we believe each and every child is an individual with their own special talents.  Equipping children with the skills, knowledge and understanding to go out into the world as confident, inquiring young people. We aim to provide learning that lasts a lifetime.

We strive to help every child realise their full potential and to make school a happy and secure experience for them. To this end we provide a high level of teaching.

We encourage students to express their views publicly, privately and anonymously through presentations, debates and surveys. We value what they have to say and take on board what they need and want.

Community is important to us here at Stepney Greencoat School. We endeavour to forge strong links with parents and the local community, as well as with the children. We see clear communication between all relevant individuals as essential to providing a caring, supportive and stimulating environment.

We believe that children’s specific backgrounds and interests need to be taken into account, to encourage learning about one another and to celebrate our diversity as a school. To make this happen we place a high premium upon having a broad and balanced curriculum.

Each subject has a carefully constructed framework, which is regularly reviewed and amended, to make learning relevant to our school community and as interesting and fun as possible for our pupils.

There is a strong emphasis on developing the children’s spirituality. Our religious character is based on the earliest foundation of our school and we continue to provide an education that is firmly based on the Christian values of love, forgiveness, hard work and justice.

The Christian ethos we employ celebrates our understanding of God’s love, and has allowed us to successfully build the diverse community that is so important to us.